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Thursday, July 07, 2005
I have a new blog! Kiss Blogspot goodbye!

Cheers! :)
Thursday, June 30, 2005
I gonna move my blog! Mr. Chua has just registered a domain for me! :)

Submitted my last 2 assignments on yesterday. Hurray! I don't have to think of assignments and exams anymore. Ops. Only if I pass the remaining 4 modules which the results are still pending.

I have come a long way. I thought of giving it up a zillion times!

What is my next plan? I gonna spend lotsa time with my family. I gonna visit dad in Ipoh, visit my maternal grandparents in Malacca and visit my paternal grandma in Kuantan! I miss them really a lot. I want to get back my social life too! I have been anti-social,I missed my friends! I wanna meet up with my ex-colleagues, Kuantan friends, my high school friends (I miss KTV-ing with them!), my Inti friends and my MBA classmates!!!

Gonna start applying for jobs both in KL and Singapore. Preferably, a job in an MNC with good pay! =)
Tuesday, June 28, 2005
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Friday, June 24, 2005
We’ve got tonight-Bob Seger
I know it’s late, I know you’re weary
I know your plans don’t include me
Still here we are, both of us lonely
Longing for shelter from all that we see
Why should we worry, no one will care girl
Look at the stars so far away
We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
We’ve got tonight babe
Why don’ t we stay?

Deep in my soul, I’ve been so lonely
All of my hopes, fading away
I’ve longed for love, like everyone else does
I know I’ll keep searching, after today
So there it is girl, I’ve got it all now
And here we are babe, what do you say?
We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
We’ve got tonight babe
Why don’t we stay?

I know it’s late, I know you’re weary
I know your plans don’t include me
Still here we are, both of us lonely
Both of us lonely

We’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow?
Let’s make it last, let’s find a way
Turn off the light, come take my hand now
We’ve got tonight babe
Why don’t we stay?
We’ve got tonight babe
Why don’t we stay?
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Submitted HRM assignment on this morning. I hope I can PASS it this time. I hate HRM! Hate seeing the lecturer again and again, hate studying for the same thing again and again, and hate doing assignments so much so much.

Had 4 hours nap in the afternoon. I was very very tired as I slept at 5.30am. Had a quarrel with Mr. Chua. I hate quarreling. I hate fighting. I hate saying I am right he is wrong or hear him saying how wrong I am. It is so depressing! I always want to put down the phone, remain silent or go to sleep when we quarrel, not that I want to avoid talking to him but I just don't want us to say things which hurt each other.

I am very moody and he can't take it. I have tried not to be moody and he has tried to be patient with me. We have tried. But it is hard. It's hard to change and it takes time for us to change. Rome wasn't built in a day. I really hope we won't be quarreling anymore. I hate it! It is depressing and our words always hurt each other.

Mr. T informed me Change Management result is out. I got a PASS! Yay!

I dreamt of her last nite. I thought I would not care for her anymore, I thought I hated her really a lot and I thought I wanted to end our friendship. But after last nite, I realised I still care for her, a lot although I hate being taken for granted.
Sunday, June 19, 2005

I am feeling so good today. I am depressed at times, sad at times and worried all the time. But suddenly, I realised my assignments are coming to an end.

Looking through the modules I have attempted, I realised it has not been easy, I have put in so much effort and time. I did the 1st 10 modules while I was working a full-time 8.30-6pm job! It has been hell! I went to work every morning, after work I rushed for evening class when I was already so tired. I woke up at 3am for assignments and get ready to work by 8am! When my colleagues can spend time on other things on the weekend, I had to prepare for exams or to attend 9-6pm classes on Sat and Sun! This went on for a year! Looking back the past, I didn't know that I was so determined to do it although I complained, I whined and I cried a lot whenever I am too stressed and too depressed.

I really thank those people have been through it with me, my family, friends and classmates who have encouraged me, supported me, listened to me when I complained about life and assignments (I complained a lot!). I really appreciate my classmates who have spent time listening to my NONSENSE and how stressful I am when they actually going through the same thing and getting the same assignments as me! :) I love you all so much!

Yesterday I talked to Mr. Chua, I told him...whether I can pass the all modules is not that important anymore. I have learnt a lot! I have actually achieved something by committed myself to this. :)

Love is beautiful when you have all the nice people and your loved ones with you. :)

Saturday, June 18, 2005
I am very moody. I am depressed at times. I cry everyday because of ASSIGNMENTS! Finally there are things to cheer me up!!!

1. International Business result is out! Ho Ho ho. I passed! I am soooo happy! I have passed 7 results so far and I still have 5 results pending including Business Ethics. Why HRM is listed 3 times? Okay, the 1st time I failed. The 2nd time, I enrolled, I paid, I went for classes but I didn't submit my assignments (I was too depressed to do assignments that time). So I took it again, for the 3rd time!

2. I met my-ex boss and ex-colleagues on Thursday for dinner. It is good to meet up with them after so many months! I love them so much. Muacksssss. Gonna post our picture when I get it from S*ndy. :)

I got a call from my school. HRM lecturer has finished accessing our assignments and she has recommended me to redo it. 13 ppl has to redo it. She is so strict. She has failed 16 ppl in the exam, that means 16 ppl didn't even get the chance to do assignments. I passed the exam, so I can proceed with assignments. But now she is asking 13 of us to redo it. Either she is too strict or we are not up to standard. Teruknya. Now I have 3 assignments due next week! Mr. Chua has vonlunteered to help me in ethics assignment. I am very sure he can do a better job than me! But he is already so busy, he got so many projects from outside and he needs time to finish them. So I'll do my part!!

Last 3 assignments! Complete it, I must.